Sunday, July 4, 2010


Italian composer, pianist and arranger Glauco Venier has performed Zappa tribute concerts on several occasions. He also performed at least once at one of the Italian Zappa Festivals that were organised by Debra Kadabra.

The above mentioned "Glauco Venier Suona Frank Zappa" got recorded in concert in Cavalicco (Udine), Italy, in 2005. It got released on the Music Center label in 2008.

The choice of compositions is rather impressive. It's not just Zappa's typical 'jazz' material, but it includes a couple of nice surprises as well.

  1. the grand wazoo
  2. blessed relief
  3. big swifty
  4. zoot allures
  5. dupree's paradise
  6. black napkins
  7. city of tiny lites
  8. for calvin
  9. hot plate heaven at the green hotel
  10. king kong
  11. zomby woof
  12. the orange county lumber truck

Glauco Venier's 10-piece jazz band does a great job. You get top musicians playing fine arrangements with enough room for some excellent improvisations.

Favourite pieces: Riccardo Chiarion's performance on 'Black Napkins' ; Claudo Venier / Yuri Goloubev / Luca Colussi on 'Zoot Allures' ; and the horn section in the Wazoo pieces...

This is superb. If you're into Ed Palermo's approach, you'll love this!

Essential listening.

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