Saturday, July 24, 2010


Tomorrow, Sunday 2010/07/25, the Projeto SINTONIA DO ROCK will take place at the Cultural Centre in São Paulo, Brazil.
The concerts start at 18.00 h (!!) and will be featuring Anna Ruth e os Visitantas, as well as 3 Hombres.

You might want to know that Anna Ruth e os Visitantes includes Anna Ruth (vocals and violin), Andrei Ivanovich (bass), Tina Pappon (vocals), Jimmy Pappon (organ), Mario Conte (drums) and Rainer Tankred Pappon (guitar)
Yes, that's right. That's the same Rainer Tankred Pappon who plays the guitar in The Central Scrutinizer Band !!

You can listen to some samples at MySpace:

and for 3 Hombres

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