Sunday, July 4, 2010


Project/Object, featuring Ike Willis and Ray White, did a small European tour last May.
A couple of recordings turned up on Youtube and on Zappateers. The one that you really need, is the Bremen concert from 2010/05/26. Part of the concert (the second set plus the encores) got taped on video and is being seeded over at the Zappateers site.

Check it out. This is a fabulous recording of a fine show.

2010/05/26 - concert 'Modernes', Bremen, Germany
  • Ike Willis - Vocals, Guitar
  • Ray White - Vocals, Guitar
  • Dave Johnsen - Bass
  • Andre Cholmondeley - Guitar, Vocals
  • Glenn Leonard - Drums, Vocals
  • Jordan Shapiro - Keyboards
set one
Tuning/Band Intro, Montana, More Trouble Every Day, The Idiot Bastard Son, Bamboozled By Love, Pound For A Brown (On The Bus), Magic Fingers, Excentrifugal Forz, Society Pages, Beautiful Guy, Beauty Knows No Pain, Big Swifty, Florentine Pogen

set two
Filthy Habits, City Of Tiny Lights, Stick It Out, Keep It Greasy, Outside Now (Again), Peaches En Regalia, Coskmik Debris, Blessed Relief, Zomby Woof

Andy, Inca Roads

a 165-minute audience recording of this show got seeded at Zappateers
a 89-minute audience video recording of this show (2nd set & encores) got seeded at Zappateers

Ike Willis - Vocals, Guitar

Ray White - Vocals, Guitar

Andre Cholmondeley - Guitar, Vocals

Dave Johnsen - Bass

Glenn Leonard - Drums

Jordan Shapiro - Keyboards

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