Sunday, February 7, 2010

THE MUFFIN MEN 2010 01 30

After Dead Dino Storage had opened the Zappa Festival in Larvik, Norway, it was time for The Muffin Men to take the stage. They played a bluesy Zappa set. All part of their one-day-european-tour.

Thanks to a number of fellow Zappateers, the show got recorded and is available from the Zappeteers website.

Here's the info-sheet:

2010/01/30 "Zappa Festival", Larvik, Norway

Jumpy - Guitar * Mikey - Sax and Keys * Rhino - Drums and Vocals * Roddie - Bass and Vocals * Waco - Keys

Eric's Preamble, Willie the Pimp, Peaches en Regalia, City of Tiny Lites, Scouse, The Big Medley (Let's make the water/Harry you're a Beast/Orange County/Oh No/Lumpy Gravy), Jones Crusher, Pygmy Twylyte, Rhino breaks something, Zoot Allures, Yellow Snow, Black Napkins, My Guitar wants to Kill your Mamma, San Berdino, Road Ladies, Sofa, Wino Man
encore: King Kong, Muffin Man

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