Sunday, February 14, 2010


  • frank zappa: the artisan acetate rs 6406
    (2010, lp-bootleg, ??, mr.natural nat003)

A little while ago, a genuine Frank Zappa acetate tespressing turned up.
Pressed by Artisan, with label number RS 6406.

side one

  1. wipe out (shrine auditorium)
  2. east l.a. (columbia university)
  3. weasels ripped my flesh (the ballroom)
  4. kung fu (phil wenz)
  5. passalaglia (phil wenz)

side two

  1. copenhagen night music
  2. help, i'm a rock
  3. chocolate halvah
  4. prelude to a sexually aroused gas mask
  5. the cookie jar lecture
  6. it must be your breath

A recording of this fabulous gem got circulated among a small group of enthousiasts, and, yes, here's the bootleg already...

A limited edition of 250 copies, available in different wax colours.
I've pasted some 20 pictures in the U.M.Files : yellow, green, olivegreen, brown, and graymarbled.
Here are some examples:
this is the yellow wax

the green wax one

the graymarbled one

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