Friday, February 19, 2010


The last couple of days, I have been mentioning Alex Machacek on a regular basis. Ales was / is part of Eddie Jobson's UKZ project, and he also released a fine album entitled "The Official Triangle Sessions" a little while ago.
A couple of years earlier, Alex Machacek recorded with Terry Bozzio (and also with Patrick O'Hearn).
Reason enough to investigate...

"Improvision" finds Alex Machacek on guitar, Jeff Sipe on drums, and Matthew Garrison on bass.
I already knew that Alex Machacek's guitar playing is not from this world, but if you add Jeff Sipe's crispy drumming, and Matthew Garrison's energetic jazz bass, you get some of the finest and powerfull fusion that you'll have heard in a while.

Out on Abstract Logix.

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