Sunday, February 7, 2010


2010 01 30, Dead Dino Storage performed at the Zappa Festival in Larvik, Norway.
Thanks to a number of fellow Zappateers, the show got recorded and is available from the Zappeteers website.

Here's the info-sheet:

2010/01/30 "Zappa Festival", Larvik, Norway

Kjetil Laumann - Lead Vocal * Jarle Storløkken - Guitar/Backing vocals * Arthur Piene - Keyboards * Petter Vangstein - Bass * Ola Lindh - Percussion * Chritstian Clasén - Drums/Backing vocals * Morten Engebretsen - Soprano and Alto Saxophones * André Roligheten - Soprano and tenor saxophones * Tone Jordhus - Flute, Soprano and Baritone Saxophones

special guest: Jone El Grande - Guitar/Lead Vocals (on Montana, Torture, Titties and I'm The Slime)

Eric's Preamble, Peaches en Regalia, Don't You Eat that Yellow Snow, Any Kind of Pain, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Jono comes on, Montana, Joe's Garage, Echidna's Arf (of you), More Trouble Every Day, RDNZL, Easy Meat, Let's Move To Cleveland, The Torture Never Stops, Titties and Beer, I'm the Slime, Black Page No 2, Cosmik Debris, Duprees Paradise, Zomby Woof
encore: Whipping Post

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