Monday, October 12, 2009


Issue number 37 of Sun Ra Research (the Sun Ra fanzine that got published by John and Peter Hinds) presented another fine pack of interviews:
  • sun ra interview at the ann arbor blues and jazz festival, ann arbor, mi, september 10, 1972
  • sun ra - conversation with peter hinds, october 26, 1989
  • sun ra - conversation with peter hinds, january 3, 1990
  • sun ra: in time and space - a video documentary by peter hinds and john hinds
  • sun ra conversation, cubby bear lounge, chicago, il, september 29, 1990
  • sun ra conversation, san rafael, ca, september 30, 1986
  • francisco mora - conversation with john hinds and peter hinds, san francisco, ca, july 29, 1998
This is of historical value.

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