Tuesday, October 6, 2009


from RalphAmerica:

Next month we have THREE new Residents releases hitting our shelves. And if you preorder, they'll hit the envelopes and be on their way to you before the date of release!

We have:
The Ughs! Which was the musical sketchbook for Voice of Midnight, as The Residents created a fictional band called The Ughs! to create their musical ideas for Voice of Midnight.

10 Little Piggies: A futuristic compilation containing tracks that will be part of bigger releases coming up in the next year.

Is There Anybody Out There DVD: A DVD presentation of the Bunny Boy online video series. This has been edited, streamlined and altered to work in a DVD format.

is that all?

Part 2 of our Buy or Die shirt series is available, by itself, or as part of this package. This is the classic Gary Panter skull drawing (taken from the Buy or Die 7") white ink, screen printed on black tee.

But remember, if you don't PREORDER the Buy or Die tee, you won't get one, and you only have until Oct. 22nd.

The release for the discs is Nov 3rd, and we should be receiving our stock before then, so that we can ship a couple of days before Nov 3rd. If you do not order your discs by Oct. 22, there's no guarantee that we'll have the shipment to you by Nov 3rd. (well, since we rely on the US postal
service, there's no guarantee anyhow, but you get what we're sayin').

You have yer choice of the BIG package deal (save more doh!), the packaged deal without the shirt or the discs individually.

Seeya at the Ralph Store

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