Saturday, October 17, 2009


The Mother People are a UK band that perform the music of Frank Zappa.
They formed in 2008, playing the Zappa tunes in arrangements of Lewis Riley.

The above picture was taken at the band's second concert, on 2009 09 10 at the Ariel Centre in Totnes, Devon, UK.

Lewis Riley- Keys
Harry Fulcher- Tenor Sax
Mick Green - Alto Sax
Dave Holdsworth - Trumpet
Bob Martin - Trombone
Pat Butterly - Bass Guitar
Dave Sheen - Drums
Andy Christie - Guitar
Harriet Riley- Percussion

2009 09 10 The Mother People - concert 'The Ariel Centre', Totnes, Devon, UK
- The Mother People plus guests from KEVICC (students from the King Edward VI Community College)
- setlist
Orange County Lumber Truck Medley > Let's Turn the Water Black > Harry You're A Beast > Orange County Lumber Truck, Mr Green Genes, Eat That Question, Peaches En Regalia, I'm The Slime, Twenty Small Cigars, Idiot Bastard Son, King Kong, Sofa, Oh No, Blessed Relief, Willie The Pimp, Dog Breath, Son Of Mr Green Genes, Take Your Clothes Off, Sofa
- This show was part of the Totnes Festival
- a video recording of the biggest part of the concert circulates:

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