Monday, October 12, 2009


I've seen Wouter Planteijdt performing with Corrie van Binsbergen a couple of times, as part of Corrie's Grote Brokken band. The things that I remember best about these concerts is Wouter's high energy level and his excellent solos.
With his band Sjako!, Wouter shows that he can do a lot more than play the guitar. "Lucky Spots" hosts a bunch of great songs that remind me of Neil Young and The Travelling Wilburys. Plain, straight-forward, guitar orientated rocksongs. I love it.

Fitting nicely on this album, is the band's rendition of Zappa's 'Magic Fingers'. Wowie Zowie !!
This is one great version.
It's instrumental, and it also features Rene van Barneveld (Urban Dance Squad) who joined Sjako! a couple of years ago.

Recommended listening!

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