Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The Steve Vai package landed in my mailbox last friday.
I only wanted to take a close look at the DVD, but when I stopped, it turned out to be two and a half hours later.
Abducted by aliens? No, no. I just had to watch the entire DVD set...

Boy, this is good.
Steve Vai (and his band) just keep getting better and better. And I don't just mean technically. I'm talking composition, performance, the whole lot.
"Where The Wild Things Are" surprises me like "Flex-Able" did 25 years ago.
I think of Steve Vai as a great artist. He's very high on my list. Every show that I see, every album that I listen to, I'm amazed.
"Where The Wild Things Are" does not just amaze me, it absorbs me completely.

Steve Vai, again, takes it one step further.
Essential listening.
Available as double DVD set, as a CD, or together with a bonus download.


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