Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The great thing about Zappanale is that every year, besides the dose of Zappa music, you get to see something new. For most of us, this years biggest surprise was Discus. I had never heard them, I had never seen them, and they blew me away.

For me personally, the band that I really wanted to check out was Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong.
The Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong band was made up of:

Kawabata Makoto: guitar
Daevid Allen: guitar, vocals
Mani Neumeier: drums
Guy Segers: bass,

And I had never seen The Acid Mothers, Guru Guru or Gong in concert. I'm not even that familiar with their music...
I thought the concert was okay, although it left me a bit unsatisfied.

As the above picture tells you, a video recording of the concert was made available. In very limited quantities.

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