Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This fabulous release got out a couple of months before the "Roots Of Frank Zappa" album that I talked about a couple of days ago.
Is it as good? Well, I sure think it is.

For "The Roots Of Captain Beefheart" the Snapper label has selected a fine collection of delta blues, free jazz and early L.A. doo-wop. The music that Don Vliet listened to when he was growing up.

This is a pretty good release.
It's an excellent combination of obscure and impressive material. I love it.
Check out the list:

  1. howlin' wolf: smokestack lightning
  2. muddy waters: she's alright
  3. bo diddley: diddy wah diddy
  4. john coltrane: bakai
  5. thelonius monk: monk's dream
  6. the nutmegs: story untold
  7. the turbans: when you dance
  8. mississippi fred mcdowell: 61 highway
  9. blind willie johnson: john the revelator
  10. big joe williams: providence help the poor
  11. howlin' wolf: moanin' at midnight
  12. cecil taylor: song
  13. ornette coleman: invisible
  14. muddy waters: don't go no farther
  15. howlin' wolf: i asked for water
  16. sunnyland slim: layin in my cell
  17. blind willie mctell: drive away blues
  18. tommy johnson: bye-bye blues


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