Monday, June 19, 2017


  • cheer-accident: putting off death
        (2017, cd, usa, cuneiform records)
Cheer-Accident is an experimental rock band. They have been making music for about thirty years and have released twenty-something albums.
Notwithstanding their 'non-commercial' music and the rapidly changing music industry, the band is still around and has produced a brand-new album.
And despite the title, Cheer-Accident sounds more alive than ever.

"Putting Off Death" collects seven pieces. Not your ordinairy love songs but beautiful, endearing compositions.

01. Language Is
02. Immanence
03. Wishful Breathing
04. Falling World
05. More And Less
06. Lifetime Guarantee
07. Hymn

Out on Cuneiform Records;

Available from Mandaï;

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