Saturday, June 24, 2017


Next to his enormous output on CDR, Eugene Chadbourne does have albums released by record labels as well.
One of these is "The Hills Have Jazz".
In the liner notes, Eugene tells the story of how he visited L.A., got to borrow Wes Craven's vintage Gibson acoustic guitar, and of how he and Richie invited a couple of L.A. jazz musicians to participate in the recordings.
Great reading and the music's even better.

Recommended listening !!

eugene chadbourne: acoustic guitar
richie west: drums
brian walsh: tenor saxophone
carey fosse: electric guitar
bill barrett: harmonica
dan clucas: cornet, flute

produced by eugene chadbourne
  1. good bait (tadd dameron, count basie)
  2. heavy spirits (oliver lake)
  3. saturn (oliver lake)
  4. 17 west (eric dolphy)
  5. noonah (roscoe mitchell)
  6. space jazz reverie (sun ra)  !!
  7. miss toni (eric dolphy)
  8. miles' mode (john coltrane)

Here's a bit of Eugene Chadbourne, plus experimental duo Zu :

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