Saturday, June 3, 2017


The latest edition of the Mosae Zappa festival took place in Landgraaf, NL on November 26, 2016.

The festival had some warm-up parties and gigs but the actual festival started in the evening.
Four bands :

- John's Got A Sausage.
They were fun. It was obvious that this was their first gig. But still, fun.

- Bits From Hell
Next up was Bits From Hell. This one-man-band did some software things to Zappa's music. Live editing, sampling,... I loved the idea but it stayed way too close to the original music. Could have been (or should have been) more experimental, I guess. What we heard, sounded good but it wasn't always clear what Bits From Hell was adding...

- The Wrong Object
Top band. Great performance. This concert made the trip worthwhile.
A couple of superb original tunes plus a lot of superb verstions of Zappa songs.
Loved it.

- The Foolz
Great band, but scheduled way too late.
What I heard sounded good but I left after a couple of songs because it was getting too late. Lots of people were leaving. Even local folks. Too late is just too late.

Here's a bit of extra data on the concert by The Wrong Object.


Michel Delville: guitar, roland gr-09, vocals
Antoine Guenet: keyboards
Marti Mella: saxophone, clarinet
Fran├žois Lourtie: saxophone, vocals
Pierre Mottet: bass
Laurent Delchambre: drums


- Eat That Klezmer (F.Zappa)
- Mr.Green Genes > King Kong > Mr.Green Genes (F.Zappa)
- Yantra (L.Delchambre)
- Wedding Dress Song > Handsome Cabin Boy (F.Zappa)
- Prologue Tuna Fish Promenade And Reprise (F.Zappa)
- I'm The Slime (F.Zappa)
- Big Swifty (intro) (L.Delchambre)
- Big Swifty (F.Zappa)
- Wonderful Wino (F.Zappa)
- Jungle Cow Part I to III (M.Delville, The Wrong Object)

below pictures by Philippe :


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