Friday, October 1, 2021


Trance Plantations is the new brainchild of Nathan Daems and Falk Schrauwen from Black Flower & Echoes of Zoo. A half acoustic, half electronic duo invoking mysticism, speaking many dialects from the not-so-conservative tribes of the universe who search for trance in various sonic ways.

Orbiting in the past while landing in the future, discovering their own “fictional tribe music from space”

On their first LP – the eponymous Trance Plantations – they immerse the listener in five different dream worlds. As a bonus, they teamed up with BetaMax & Danalogue – known from the British trio around Shabaka Hutching's The Comet is Coming – for an epic dancefloor proof remix.

Out on the Belgian W.E.R.F. Records label.

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