Saturday, October 23, 2021


  • gov't mule: stoned side of the mule vol. 1 & 2
        (2015, 2lp, europe, provogue) 

In 2014, the Evil Teen record label released "Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol.1" as a single LP record store day release in the U.S.
April 18, 2015, they repeated the exercise, releasing "Vol.2". Again, as a Record Store Day exclusive album.
Later the same year, the Provogue label combined both albums and released them as a 2LP set in Europe.

"Stoned Side Of The Mule" is Gov't Mule's tribute to the music of The Rolling Stones.
I've never listened to The Stones that much. Only know their hits from the radio. Probably because my mind got spoiled with Zappa, The Mothers and Captain Beefheart at a young age.
Anyway, "Stoned Side Of The Mule" presents a fine set of songs and even a nice discovery or two.
An impressive tribute.

The album should also be available on CD (unofficially) but I've never seen a copy.

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