Sunday, October 24, 2021


Additional info to The Others Of Invention: bands that recorded a Frank Zappa piece.
The Specials' "Protest Songs" album has been released in several different versions.

There's the standard red album with black lettering, but

  • The first edition (of 1.000 copies) had album artwork with smaller lettering, black letters on a white background;
  • Amazon released an exclusive pre-signed edition of the LP.
  • There's a red vinyl edition with a bonus 7”;
  • A limited edition on yellow vinyl
  • A limited edition on yellow vinyl that came with an OBI (by ASSAI Records)
  • HMV released a version with red lettering on a white background;
  • The jewel case CD;
  • A digipack CD;
  • A 'deluxe digipack version' with two bonus tracks (the same as the 7” that got released as a bonus with the LP);

I admit that I also bought a copy of the first edition (picture taken from discogs), next to the standard black and yellow releases.

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