Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Last weekend was Mosae Zappa weekend, an annual event that takes place in Heerlen and celebrates the music of the Moustache Man.

On Friday, the Oefenbunker (in Landgraaf, NL) gave the stage to Zappa Talks, VLAMP and The Dangerous Kitchen.

Zappa Talks (featuring Wan and Marco, both from The Foolz) mixed familiar melodies with samples and percussion. Highlight of the evening.
Guitar/bass/drums trio VLAMP was up next. Blues, Hendrix, The Soul Train,... It was all there. It even included some local carnaval artist, a moment that was enjoyed by a couple of people (while others left the building...).
The Dangerous Kitchen had flown in from Germany. Zappa with horns. Nothing wrong with that. I would have liked the band to be a bit more tight and I did miss the ripping guitar solos, but as Klaas said, 'We're spoiled'. Great vocals. Great band.
An excellent evening it was.

Saturday kicked off at noon with Die Miserablen HuSos, a German guitar duo that offered German versions of Zappa Tunes. In a pub in Heerlen. Quite funny. Liked it a lot.
Right after Die HuSos, the famous Carillion From Hell played Zappa. The town square will never be the same. Beautiful.
Next up was a Q and A session with Dweezil Zappa. Hosted by Tim, who did a fine job. Informative, relaxed and very enjoyable.
The afternoon ended with Jeff Silvertrust, a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, percussion and trumpet and who also sings. I only caught a glimpse of this as I wanted to pay the local record store a visit...

My Saturday ended with Dweezil Zappa playing Hot Rats (and more) at the theater hall in Heerlen. Pretty amazing. Great band, excellent choice of tunes and a fabulous sound !!

Mosae rules.

Sunday had Dweezil playing in Utrecht, NL. At Tivoli.
I was standing next to some guys from Switzerland !!

Same set but it was great to see and hear it again.
Some of my German friends called it too sterile, too predictable. I just called it awesome.
I'm already looking forward to the Zappanale concert.

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