Saturday, December 14, 2019


Alex's Hand released their latest album, "Hungarian Spa", about two months ago. First as a digital download and a bit later also on CD.
I was introduced to the music of Alex's Hand at Zappanale in 2018.
They performed an intense set of eclectic music displaying quirky melody lines, odd meters, and a fine dose of humor.
Avant-garde, experimental, zappa-esque... My cup of tea. I loved it.

"Hungarian Spa" continues on the (unpredictable) path that was set out by the previous albums.

Again, Kellen Mills and Nic Barnes succeeded in gathering an impressive group of musicians to perform their compositions. The result sounds great. 16 tracks, one of which was recorded at Zappanale.
And as a pleasant surprise, track 15, 'New Skin', features Chato Segerer on the guitar ! Wow !! Super.

Check out "Hungarian Spa" at bandcamp !!

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