Monday, December 16, 2019


I enjoy listening to the various Markus Stauss projects.
Markus is someone who likes to explore the boundaries of music which, at moments, leads to quite experimental results.
Markus' latest release, "5 Compositions 2017-19 - Neolithicum Surprise", combines 5 recent compositions, performed by his quartet, with a recording of a solo performance that took place at an exhibition.

The "5 Compositions" part got recorded earlier this year by Rémy Sträuli (drums), Damien Campion (bass), Markus Stauss (saxes) and Richard Koch (trumpet).
Sounds great.
The second part of the album, "Neolithicum Surprise", features Markus on bass saxophone, percussion, electronics and loops at an exhibition of sculptor Oscar Wiggli.
Lovely soundscapes. Short and indeed surprising. You know how they offer you these audio guides during exhibitions? Listening to "Neolithicum Surprise" makes me want to check out the sculptures of Oscar Wiggli !

Released on Fazzul Music,

Check it out !

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