Wednesday, December 4, 2019


As my friend Sally wrote earlier today:

My friends and family know I am a big Frank Zappa fan. Today is the 26th anniversary of Franks death, and for Zappa fans marks the first day of Zappadan. This celebration runs from Dec. 4th to the 21st, Franks Birthday. I know a lot of people know very little about this man, and Frankly, ( get that?) I don’t recommend a random search for the faint of heart because his vast career is peppered with many types of music, and as Frank himself has said not all is equally liked by even the most ardent fan. So on this first day of Zappadan, I post this video of one of my favorite pieces, covered by the Ed Palermo Big Band. It is an instrumental jazz piece .

Let me add another nice little tune, from one of Dan's Facebook posts :

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