Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Ritual of Pope Decapitation is (or will be) a documentary about the U.S. counterculture through the lives of Vito Paulekas, Carl Franzoni and Szou, also known as the early 1960's L.A. Freaks.

A financial support of minimum € 50 will get you a DVD of the movie when it comes out, plus the "Le Dispositif" DVD box set.

Episode 46 of Le Dispositif carries the trailer for the movie.

I received my copy of the DVD-box a couple of days ago and it's fascinating.
These guys need your support.

Read more here:

A picture of the cover of the box has been added to the United Mutations Archives.

  • le dispositif
        (2013, 4 dvd-box + book, france, sycomore films)

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