Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I got introduced to Susan Clynes through The Wrong Object's "After The Exhibition" album where she sang "Glass Cubes".  It's a beautiful composition. Written by Antoine Guenet and performed by The Wrong Object with Susan Clynes guesting on vocals.

Susan also participated to the CD-release-concert in Liège. A nice surprise. And she did a great job.

"Life Is..." is her international debut. Out on the MoonJune Records label where she's in the excellent company of douBt, Machine Mass, The Wrong Object and Sh*tg*n. It seems like Leonardo Pavkovic and his MoonJune Records label has a sweet spot for Belgian talent.

The tracks on "Life Is..." were collected from three live performances. Besides Susan Clynes (vocals and piano), the first of these concerts featured Nico Chkifi (drums) and Pierre Mottet (bass); the second one was a solo gig, and the third one featured Simon Lenski (cello) of DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abundunterhaltung).
In all, a fine mixture of endearing compositions, presenting a new and beautiful voice in the musical landscape.


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