Sunday, April 27, 2014


Saturday April 19 celebrated Record Store Day 2014.
Record Store Day is all about independently owned record stores with special releases, concerts and much more.

One of the releases that did not make it to Belgium, was the Ozit Records' "Don Van Vliet and The Magic Band : Son Of Dust Sucker - The Roger Eagle Tapes".
It's a vinyl release of a part of the "Son Of Dust Sucker" CD that Ozit put out in 2012.
The 2012 CD presented the recordings of the tape of the original and Zappa-produced Bat Chain Puller album that Don Van Vliet had sent to promoter Roger Early some 40 years ago, plus some bonus live material.
This 2014 vinyl version only includes the 12 Bat Chain Puller tracks.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.
On purple vinyl.

Why they call it a Don Van Vliet release and not a Captain Beefheart one, is beyond my comprehension.
I do like the artwork, however.
By Steve 'Jacuzzi' Hardstaff.


  1. OZIT are known for their shoddy quality Beefheart albums of dubious provenance, so the reason it's credited to DVV rather than Captain Beefheart is probably an attempt to avoid being sued by Gail Zappa since she trademarked the name 'Captain Beefheart' and released the real 'Bat Chain Puller'.

  2. It's NOT taken from the Dust Sucker tapes--those sound very much like demos whereas the "Son Of" music sounds A LOT better. I've been talking to various Beefheart experts online and have concluded that these are NOT the Roger Eagle tapes but a vinyl master of the Zappa estate Bat Chain Puller "official" CD, with a track listing that resembles Shiny Beast, maybe to put the Zappa estate "off the scent", so to speak? The mix, instrumentation, vocal inflections etc are IDENTICAL to the VAULTernative release...I think that the original Dust Sucker comprised the Roger Eagle tapes, myself.