Tuesday, April 8, 2014


  • oiseaux tempêtes: s/t
        (2014, cd, be, sub rosa)
Sub Rosa recently released the debut album of Oiseaux-Tempête, an French ensemble that consists of Frédéric D.Oberland (guitar), Stéphane Pigneul (bass) and Ben McConnell (percussion).

If you're in to experimental, floating soundscapes, you need to check this out.

from the Sub Rosa website:
OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE  is an instrumental, free rock & ambient trio formed in Paris in 2012 by musicians Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul [both members of FareWell Poetry and Le Réveil des Tropiques] and Ben Mc Connell [Beach House, Rain Machine, Au Revoir Simone, Marissa Nadler].  On their self-titled debut album, they intertwine their creative process with the work of French photographer and filmmaker Stéphane C, who has documented the existential conflicts brought on by the political and economic turmoil in Greece, resulting an emotionally charged vision and eliciting visceral response to the floundering failures of the dysfunctional West.

"Alternating moments of inexorable tension and luminous respite, the Oiseaux-Tempête's debut  album takes flight and slowly unfolds in an implacable ascension, the rich photographic contributions  fleshing out the poetic narrative. Oiseaux-Tempête's first release is carrying us beyond the stoner, free rock and experimental labels. How can music voice the violence and confusion that fuels discontent and protest? Oiseaux-Tempête offers an answer to this question."  SUB ROSA

available from Mandaï on CD and on 2LP

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