Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Mike Keneally says:

Hi pals!

Having done two "research mission" performances in San Diego and Los Angeles last month, the trio of Keneally-Bendian-Lunn will now apply the lessons learnt to a slate of performances in May 2014. A scant few weeks from now. We'll begin in Nashville (5/15), then move on to St. Louis, Chicago, Greenwood, Columbus, Baltimore, NYC, Long Island, Philly, Dunellen, Cambridge, Charleston, and wind up at a festival in Scottsville, KY (5/31).

I think we as a trio really began to gel as a unit during the second set at the Baked Potato recently - things got severely powerful and I am excited to continue along that line with Gregg and Doug, two of the more forward-thinking and adventurous musicians I've ever encountered.

Also, it's great fun to return to the world of the trio, which was my preferred mode of performance when I started doing shows under my own name in the early '90s and throughout most of that decade. I've loved being able to do more orchestrated things with larger ensembles in the years since then, and will continue to do so in the future no doubt, but have to admit that there's something about a trio which is incredibly liberating and special to me.

More tour details coming soon, and see you on the road I hope!

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