Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The latest materialization on Don Preston's Brain Records is a recording of the Bunk Gardner / Don Preston duo.
These guys have been playing together ever since they were in The Mothers Of Invention. Their most recent entanglement was in The GrandMothers.

The Don And Bunk Show.
Their third album.
All three were published by Don Preston on his Brain Records label.

don and bunk:
    don preston: keyboards, vocals
    bunk gardner: saxaphone, flue & bass clarinet

produced by don preston

all compositions by don preston

1. sweet 15
2. amsterdam
3. how are you doing
4. milky way
5. new age mumbo jumbo
6. solo piece
7. eyes of the dead
8. progress
9. barbeque solos
10. not so cute
11. i can't breathe
12. horta babies

Here's Don and Bunk in quite another adventure: jamming with The Muffin Men (in 1993 !!)

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