Sunday, September 2, 2012


Good grief, here's another flashback to last month's Zappanale.

The first day at the festival ground, all the concerts took place at the smaller stage. The big stage, on the other end of the site, had never looked this big and people were still constructing and building and tying things up.
This smaller stage, however, was perfectly fit for purpose. We had already enjoyed Ben Watson and his Internationalist Dada Tongue Ballet and we had seen FiftyII50 trying to do a concert without monitors, so we were ready for the real deal: a Zappa tribute by Yahozna.

Yahozna is a band from Slovenia. Actually, it evolved from another band, JazzLessNess, into a Zappa tribute band to celebrate Zappa's 70th anniversary.

There's an Italian Zappa-coverband with the same name. They performed at Zappanale in 1994; they have an album out; and they contributed to the impessive Sonora project in 1994.
And then there's also a Czech band that's called Yahozna. These guys played at Zappanale in 2005, with Vaklav Cesak on drums (who made the Bad Doberan Zappa sculpture), and they also have an album out. A pretty good one. With a guest appearance by Pierrejean Gaucher.

This Yahozna is from Slovenia. They played a fine set: a great choice of Zappa tunes, some excellent improvisations, and my first goosebumps at this year's zappanale (during 'The Black Page').
This was the real kick off of Zappanale.


Robert Turk: vocal 
Samo Turk: guitar, vocal 
Rok Soczka Mandac: guitar, vocal 
Alen Grižonič: keyboards 
Žiga Fabbro: saxophone, keyboards, vocal 
Boris Holešek: bass 
Aljoša Bolje: drums 


01 - intro 
02 - The Purple Lagoon 
03 - Cosmik Debris 
04 - intro to 
05 - Catholic Girls 
06 - San Berdino 
07 - Penguin In Bondage tease 
08 - City Of Tiny Lites 
09 - Fifty Fifty 
10 - The Black Page No.2 
11 - Don't Eat The Yellow Snow 
12 - Nanook Rubs It 
13 - Pygmy Twylyte 
14 - Keep It Greasey 
15 - Bamboozled By Love 
16 - Montana 
17 - Peaches En Regalia 
18 - Joe's Garage 

The gig got broadcast by on the internet, and there's also an audience recording floating around. Both can be found at the Zappateers website.

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