Sunday, September 2, 2012


Zapping back to Zappanale takes me to the first day at the festival ground, 2012/08/01.
After Ben Watson's lecture, Dutch duo FiftyII50 had the honour to open the festival musicwise.
  • Senne Bergsma: drums / samples / vocals
  • Marcel Chrétien: guitarsynth / loops / vocals
The band's website did offer some nice ideas and sounds, so I was quite curious to hear what Marcel and Senne would be able to do in a live environment;
Unfortunately, something went wrong during the soundcheck. The both of them couldn't hear each other in their monitors. Senne told me afterwards that he couldn't even hear the clicks of the loop and the sample machine.

The result was not good. It was like the both of them played on a different stage. Too bad.

01 intro 
02 Filthy Habits 
03 The Crux Of The Pinkyslime 
04 Uncle Remus 
05 Outside Now 
06 Willie The Pimp 
07 Only In It For The Mothers 
08 Eat That Brillo Muffin 
09 You Are What You Spank 

An audience recording of the show can be found on Zappateers.

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