Sunday, September 30, 2012


a message from Gail Zappa on 2012 09 29

Dear People of Earth,

Here's what's thrilling:

1. It is Moon's Birthday today! And this morning I was lucky enough to have a cold breakfast with Moon and Mathilda - Ice Cream Cake and the sun wasn't even up yet. Yay!

2. I know I do not have to remind you that next December 2013 is the 40th Anniversary of the Roxy Performances. Now that we have thoroughly identified all it's parts and participles, we will deliver The Movie without further incident and maybe only a little ado. In theatres, DVD and Blue-ray, sometime before December, 2013.

3. MEANWHILE . . . before this December 2012, in anticipation of The ACTUAL Movie, we are pleased to inform you that we are scheduling the release of the PREQUEL to the actual Soundtrack. Yes. You will! Appreciate the raw unbridledness of the 75 minutes and 49 seconds of Roxy without the Elsewhere. Further details on The Movie and P.S. (Prequel Soundtrack) as soon as the duckies are all lined up.

4. Oh, and did I mention a new series is about to launch - Road Tapes - on Vaulternative Records! We've taken direct aim at Halloween!

5. Thank you.


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