Saturday, September 1, 2012


Steve Vai's "The Story Of Light" is the second part in Steve's "Real Illusions" trilogy.
I received "The Story Of Light" about two weeks ago, and I've been listening to it ever since. The album presents a nice story, some fabulous music and extremely beautiful guitar playing.

It has been seven years since "Real Illusions", but the waiting was worth it. There's a lot of things on the album that one might not immediately associate with Steve Vai. There's an old blues traditional, sung by the finalist of TV-talent show "The Voice" (Beverly McClella, who's apparantly a big Steve Vai fan); there's an amost musical-like choir in 'Book Of The Seven Seals'; there's a great Celtic lullaby,... And still, it's all very recognisable and typical of Steve Vai's musical world.

The record is great. You really should check this out. And Steve is touring to promote the album, so keep an eye out for the tourdates as well.

The limited "Platinum Package" edition included a digibook release (with a CD and a DVD), a promotional 7" single, some postcards and a guitar pick.

From the United Mutations Picture Book:

the 7" promo

three postcards (with seeds in them. to plant. so don't try to smoke them.)

and the guitar pick.

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