Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fabrizio Cassol plays the saxophone in Aka Moon. He's also the man behind Aka Moon's beautiful compositions.
The last couple of years, Fabrizio Cassol has released "Vsprs" and "Pitié", albums that were inspired by Monteverdi and by Bach. Fine albums.
On "Strange Fruit", however, Fabrizio has surpassed himself. "Strange Fruit" is an amazing album.

As Fabrizio explained on Cobra TV, it took him several years to finish the project, recording with various musicians with different musical backgrounds.
This is world music at it's best.
To name a few of the vocalists, the album features Oumou Sangare from Bali, Baba Sissoko from Mali, classical soprano Claron McFadden, and lead singer of Zap Mama Marie Daulne.
The music is brilliant, mixing jazz, world music, classical music and catchy themes.

I love it.
Essential listening !!

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