Sunday, July 28, 2019


  • einmal zappatown

    by stefan kleibner
        (2019, book, germany, verlag regionalkultur)

"Einmal Zappatown und zurück" displays Stefan Kleibner's first visit to Zappanale. In words, pictures and interviews.

On first sight, the book did look rather interesting but I was rather disappointed once I started reading it. The story starts with a couple of pages about Hank Woods' Zappanale Club (??) and his scheduled, Ike-Willis-guided Zappanale visits (??).
Next up, Stefan walks us through his Zappanale experience. Snippets and interviews.

Unfortunately, no (or not enough) mention of Zappnoise (with Peter Görs), Flat Earth Society, Piniol, Alex Hand, Dietmar Bonnen, The Grandmothers, the expo concerts, the Zappateers, the visitors from all over the world, the shops at the festival ground,...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I expected a complete overview. I'm just disappointed that this 100-page book does not offer more...

A missed opportunity.

Completists only.

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