Sunday, July 14, 2019


  • tábor radosti: joycamp
        (2015, cd, austria, klanggalerie)

Initially released in 2001 and re-released by Klanggalerie, Tábor Radosti's "Joycamp" album is something special. Discogs calls it Czech Dark Ambient and that sounds pretty accurate as the Czech spoken parts add a lot of mystery.
New to me, received as a gift and very impressed.

Tábor Radosti is a fantastic band from the Czech Republic. Their debut album came out in 2001 as a self-released CDR that is now totally impossible to find. Tábor Radosti have created a very unique sound that includes drone, voice, samples, but also beats and analogue instruments. Their visuals and lyrics are very much centered around occult themes, if you have ever seen them live you will have been stunned. Klanggalerie is now very proud to start a re-issue program for the first two albums. Many of you have probably not heard of them before, but it is time that they gain popularity outside of their home country. The vocals are spoken in Czech - to Western European or American ears there is a certain similarity to early Laibach, they share the same roughness, but Tabor Radosti also include electronic beats which again is reminiscent of present day Laibach. On this re-issue, we bring back the first album, but also updated artwork and some bonus tracks.

Visit the Klanggalerie order page for sound samples :

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