Saturday, November 11, 2017


Deep in a San Francisco basement, lost in time and space and long-forgotten by their masters, lay over a hundred tattered boxes dating back to the early 1970s. Buried beneath layers of dust and rubble, these cardboard coffins had all but given up on ever being called into active service… Until now.

Containing master tapes, demos, curios and acres of unreleased material, these time-capsules were recently rediscovered by their creators - The Residents - who, contemplating their own existence for the first time in decades, had begun to wonder just who they were, and what they’d done with their lives. Torches were taken up, a base camp established, and the eyeball enigmas went to work.

The Residents pREServed proudly presents the results of those long, uncertain months spent exhuming their own pasts - a series of archival, deep excavation Residents reissues. Beginning at the beginning – with ‘Meet The Residents’ and ‘The Third Reich N Roll’ released in January 2018 – and working chronologically through the mire, these long-awaited sets will include newly remastered albums and singles, live recordings, alternate versions and, of course, as much long-lost and unreleased material as The Residents’ can bear to part with.

Accompanied by in-the-know essays by established experts from both sides of the Atlantic and detailed sleevenotes from The Residents’ mysterious archivist, each set will explore and contextualise its parent album – from conception to recording and on into its place in the ever evolving world of the legendary, unpredictable and much-loved quartet.

As ever with The Residents, users are advised to expect the unexpected and put their faith in the unknowable.

Is this the Real Residents? Find out for yourself in 2018.

to be released in January 2018 :

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