Saturday, November 18, 2017


Mike Keneally Joins The Oracle Cast!

Posted by Carl King (Creator)
I’ll make this one quick.

MIKE KENEALLY has joined the cast of The Oracle Of Outer Space!

Ok, I won’t make it quick.

Mr. Keneally is currently in Joe Satriani’s band, and has in the past played with other music composition legends like Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. And of course he also played in Dethklok with Brendon Small.

While I was editing The Making Of Grand Architects Of the Universe (my previous album that he did voice acting on) I realized what a perfect fit he was for this — he had such an intuitive understanding of our bizarre Outer Space dialogue. I of course loved his acting performance on the album, but in reviewing the video footage of the session, I realized how expressive he was and how quickly he understood and adapted to each line in the script, even as multiple characters, in a cold and improvisational reading. He just immediately got it.

Our plan is to record Mike’s character acting for THE ORACLE OF OUTER SPACE in December.

Welcome, Mr. Keneally!

The writing team is full speed ahead on the script. I just spent many hours today doing a massive restructuring. Brain fried.

Thanks to everyone who has pledged, and keep helping to get the word out! More news soon...


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