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Andrew Greenaway and Cordelia Records teamed up for another marvelous project: 15 bands / ensembles / artists, all performing one of Frank Zappa's most beautiful tunes: 'Son Of Mr. Green Genes'.
Besides the fact that I love the concept and that the album has incredible artwork, this is an amazing release.
Let me walk you through it.
  1. the kettering vampires
    Don't know much about The Kettering Vampires, except that they have an album out doing the music of The Velvet Underground in surf style, and that they most likely feature Alan Jenkins on the guitar. Great !
  2. acton zappa
    Also from the UK.
    This is Mike Fox's project if I'm not mistaken. Love the sound of Ollie Hill's trombone. Recorded live. Nice one.
    They have a couple of their live-shows up at Soundcloud.
  3. inventionis mater
    The illustious Italian duo Inventionis Mater (Andrea Pennati (electric! guitar) and Pierpaolo Romani (bass clarinet)) are assisted by Nazreno Caputo on vibraphone and percussion.
  4. caballero reynaldo and the grand kazoo
    Caballero Reynaldo gives 'Son Of Mr. Green Genes' the 'How The West Was Won' treatment.
    Incredible. One of my favourite tracks of the album.
    It shows what an amazing artist Caballero Reynaldo is.
    Check out Caballero Reynaldo (and the Zappa Tribute Album Series) on
  5. fred händl
    Next up is Fred Händl. From Holland. Known for his collaboration with Zappatika, Fred surprised everyone with a very fine solo album in 2015 ("Fred Händl Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa"). On this "Sons Of Mr. Green Genes" album, he brings a fine piano solo rendition of Zappa's classic tune. Nice intro by Mark Watson.
    In memory of Prince. Beautiful.
  6. hrh and the cm ensemble
    Helen 'HRH' Tate (of Spanner Jazz Punks fame) teamed up with the CM Ensemble. I don't know if this is a one-off, but it works. I'd love to hear more.
    This version starts a capella. Love it.
  7. zappa early renaissance orchestra
    The great thing about this collection of tunes is that each and everyone of them sounds completely different. It gets even more impressive when one is able to recognize the band behind the tune. Z.E.R.O. is such a band. Within a few seconds you don't just know that it's a Zappa song, but you also know that it's being performed by Z.E.R.O.
    Wow !
  8. hans annéllsson
    The most impressive piece on "Sons Of Mr. Green Genes" is delivered by Hans Annéllsson.
    Hans goes all the way and starts the piece with some great classical, orchestral sounds. Towards the end, the piece evolves into something that is played on a barrel organ. Superb.
  9. the muffin men
    Last year, The Muffin Men celebrated their 25th anniversary of performing the music of Frank Zappa.
    Their version of 'Son Of Mr. Green Genese' takes us back to 1991 when the band performed at the Gentse Feesten festival. At the St.Baafs square, next to the cathedral.  Roddie still on the guitar and Mike Kidson on sax !
    I was there ! Oh, how time flies. Great memories !
    I still  have the tape that they released from this concert "Gent Festival", as well as its predecessor with the unforgettable title, "Stinky Finger City".
  10. tante tofu
    German duo Tante Tofu is Andreas 'Stoni' Steinhardt and Christian Seebach. They do a short but oh so sweet version.
  11. the spanner big band
    And what's a collection of Zappa coverversions without a big band?
    So here's Dan Spanner's Big Band.
    Recorded live in concert, with a beautiful arrangement by Dan Spanner.
  12. evil dick
    Another highlight. Evil Dick goes Zappa.
    Dispite having seen Evil Dick in concert at Zappanale a number of years ago, I only recently discovered the man's astonishing output. And so should you.
  13. fuchsprellen
    Fuchsprellen is Pete Brunelli with the help of Geoff Brown and Nate Trier. Hilarious. "This goes out to the Green Man. In London Town." Sly and Robbie !!  Reggae Dub !!
    Fuzz bass rules !!
  14. string trash
    String Trash with Peter Görs (guitar), Mick Zeuner (bass) and Siglinde Koch-Sembdner (concert harp !!) plus special guest Andreas Steinhardt (acoustic guitar !!).
  15. the todd grubbs group
    And last but not least, The Todd Grubbs Group adds a powerful version to the lot.
    Another favourite.
Don't let this one slip !
Do yourself and dive into the "Sons Of Mr. Green Genes".

Available from Cordelia Records.

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