Saturday, December 31, 2016


  • the vegetarians: let's have a good time
        (2016, download, usa, cdbaby)

Hans Annéllson's project, The Vegetarians, has just released "Let's Have A Good Time".

Short but oh so sweet.

Four tracks. Hans plays most of the instruments, but there are some remarkable guests as well !!

'Let's Have A Good Time", has Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals;
'Old Sam', has Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals, and Jimmy Agren on superb slide guitar;
'Titles' of which the lyrics are made up of the titles of various Zappa compositions. Hilarious.
and, last but not least,
'Amnerika', the vocal version. Written by Frank Zappa and recently released (with vocals) on "Frank Zappa For President". Sung by Napoleon Murphy Brock and featuring Mats Öberg on grand piano and harmonica.

Essential stuff.

You can listen to snippets over at CDBaby.
You can also order the (download-only) album at CDBaby:

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