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In my previous mail, I tried to explain that Hamburg event was a concert of two duos.
Inventionis Mater on the left side of the stage, and the Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow duo on the right side of the stage.
The took turns in the performance.
The setlist will make it a bit more clear.

2016 07 13 rehearsal in Hamburg

There were lots of microphones and at least two video cameras to capture the event.
Eventually, some high quality recording will turn up.
In the meantime, for those of you who would like to hear some of it, an audio recording of the complete gig has been posted on the Zappateers website.

2016 07 13 concert in Hamburg

Here's the data :


Inventionis Mater
  Pierpaolo Romano: clarinet
  Andrea Pennati: guitar

the Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow duo
  Sigline Koch-Sembdner: harp
  Uwe Warschkow: chromatic harmonica


01 intro
02 Inventionis Mater: Zapping  (Pierpaolo Romano)

   Inventionis Mater: Duett nr.6  (Francesco Zappa)
03    I. Adagio, ma non troppo
04    II. Allegro
05    III. Minuetto

06 Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow: Largo (Siciliano)  (J.S.Bach)
07 Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow: Ave Maria (J.S.Bach / Charles Gounod)

   Inventionis Mater: How I Meat My Uncle  (Michele Sarti)
08     I. In The Virgin's Garden
09     II. Zappateado
10     III. Lo Zio Mahler

11 Inventionis Mater: Marche Royal From 'L'Histoire Du Soldat' (I.Stravinski)
12 Inventionis Mater: The Modern Day Composers Refuse To Die  (Frank Zappa / I.Stravinski / E.Varèse)
13 Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow: Prayer Aus 'From Jewish Life', Nr.1  (Ernest Bloch)
14 Inventionis Mater: Brown Shoes Don't Make It  (Frank Zappa)

15 --- break ---

16 Inventionis Mater: Prelude, BWV 998  (J.S.Bach)
17 Inventionis Mater: Peaches En Regalia  (Frank Zappa)
18 Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow: Cafe 1930  (Astor Piazolla)
19 Inventionis Mater: Wet T-Shirt Nite  (Frank Zappa)
   Inventionis Mater: Ondabass  (Pierpaolo Romano)
   Inventionis Mater: Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?  (Frank Zappa)
20 Koch-Sembdner / Warschkow: Adios Nonino  (Astor Piazolla)
21 Inventionis Mater: King Kong  (Frank Zappa)
22 Inventionis Mater: Mom & Dad  (Frank Zappa)

Inventionis Mater has just released their third album, "Zapping", with a number of beautiful arrangements and performances of Zappa tunes.

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