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Last year's Zappanale was a pretty remarkable one.
The 2015 edition not only featured a fine selection of bands, it also presented an astounding number of people that had once worked with Frank Zappa.
Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ike Willis, Denny Walley, Craig 'Twister' Steward, Jeff Hollie, Robert Martin, Ray White, Tom Fowler and Albert Wing. Add Mats Öberg and Morgan Agren and you get a bunch of alumni that you'll never get to see again.
This year's edition, number 27, wasn't that impressive on paper, but it sure kicked ass as well.

But let's stick to the subject.
The 2015 edition was memorable and that was a good reason for the Arf Society to produce an album set with highlights.
3 CD's. 18 bands, 36 tracks.
The archives tell me that the previous Zappanale album is from 2008 (with highlights from Zappanale  18 from 2007).
I for one am glad that the Arfs approved another release. There's always fine arrangements of familiar tunes (and some great introductions of bands that you never heard of) to be found on these sets.
Let's just hope that it sells enough copies to keep this ball rolling for the upcoming editions...

Just look at this track-list...
With Peach Noise / Napoleon Murphy Brock / Mats Öberg,
Panzerpappa performing 'RDNZL', 
the Yellow Snow Crystals with some hilarious interpretations,
Univers Zero performing 'King Kong',
The Band From Utiopia, Zappatika, Z3, and more...

compiled and postproduced by mick zeuner
edited, mixed and mastered by clemens schikling
liner notes by andrew greenaway

disc one

  1. drei vom rhein: francesco (neumann)
  2. drei vom rhein: the treacherous torture never stops (zappa)
  3. die reise: something is bleeding (kuzio, bruch)
  4. the peach noise experiment feat. napoleon murphy brock and mats öberg: advance romance (zappa)
  5. the peach noise experiment feat. napoleon murphy brock and mats öberg: pygmy twylyte (zappa) / dummy up (zappa) / the message (fletcher, mel, robinson)
  6. panzerpappa: fundal (krabberod)
  7. panzerpappa: rdnzl (zappa)
  8. yellow snow crystals: fünfzig arten schmerz (zappa)
  9. yellow snow crystals: doberaner rennbahnfantasie (zappa)
  10. yellow snow crystals: robert braun (zappa)
  11. yellow snow crystals: strandgut (zappa)
  12. yellow snow crystals: verarscht (zappa)
  13. string trash: chunga's revenge (zappa)

disc two

  1. maos & wendt: voodoo chile (hendrix)
  2. univers zero: phobia (denis)
  3. univers zero: king kong (zappa)
  4. inventionis mater: prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask (zappa)
  5. inventionis mater: since i've been loving you crazy diamond (page, plant, jones & gilmour, waters, wright)
  6. zappatika feat. ike willis, denny walley, craig 'twister' steward and jeff hollie: eat that question (zappa)
  7. zappatika feat. ike willis, denny walley, craig 'twister' steward and jeff hollie: crew slut (zappa)
  8. frank out!: i promise not to come in your mouth (zappa)
  9. frank out!: georgie's whips (zappa)
  10. fried dähn & das onomatopoeia perturbation consort: twenty-one small cigars (zappa)
  11. fried dähn & das onomatopoeia perturbation consort: king kong (zappa)
  12. z3 feat. ed mann: teenage wind (zappa)
  13. z3 feat. ed mann: take your clothes off when you dance (zappa)
  14. z3 feat. ed mann: excentrifugal forz (zappa)

disc three

  1. stefan hüfner's zappata: montana (zappa)
  2. stefan hüfner's zappata: blessed relief (zappa)
  3. arf force one: ugly white folks' funk (händl, hubweber, segerer, steinhardt, zeuner)
  4. banned from utopia: dupree's paradise (zappa)
  5. banned from utopia: andy (zappa)
  6. banned from utopia: whippin' post (allman)
  7. goodbye session: heavy duty judy (zappa)
  8. jazzprojekt hundehagen feat. stephen chillemi: willie the pimp (zappa)
  9. jazzprojekt hundehagen feat. stephen chillemi: dirty love (zappa)

Available from the Arf Shop in September.

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