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About a year ago, I had a short chat with Anton Brüschweiler. He was scheduled to perform at Zappanale with his band, Anton And The Headcleaners, so  I sent him some questions. Not only was Anton kind enough to answer my e-mail, he also told me that he would be organising a brand-new festival in the Emmental region of Switzerland, called "Zapperlot!", in August 2014.

August 2014 has arrived and Zapperlot will indeed take place in about ten days: August 15, 16 and 17 in Schangnau, Emmental, Switzerland.

UniMuta : Dear Anton, I'm glad to hear that Zapperlot has become reality. How tough was it to get the necessary collaborators and funding together?

Anton Brüschweiler : We started with a crowdfunding through the internet. We were hoping to get 5,000 Franks together, but we ended with an incredible12,000 Franks (= about 10,000 Euro).
The support that we got was totally unexpected! It gave us a lot of power and motivation, but of course a festival of this dimensions needs a lot of money. Our team (12 people ) has been working on this project since 18 months. For free. And then on the 24th of July came the big shock: A flood, as one happens once every 300 years, came down the river Emme. The whole festival area was under water!
At first,  we thought, that we we have to cancel the festival. Fortunately, a huge wave of solidarity started: every day since the flood, there have been people helping us out. We had to move tons of sand and we did it !
The first Zapperlot!-Festival will happen as scheduled. It's a little miracle.

UniMuta :  That's good to hear. The Zapperlot program looks very promising. There's some familiar names: Mats and Morgan, Tarentatec, Inventionis Mater, Anton And The Headcleaners, Mörglbl, Fido Plays Zappa,... Was it difficult to convince them to play at Zapperlot?
Also, t
here's  quite a number of Swiss bands performing. Who will be the biggest surprise / who do we definitely need to catch?

Anton Brüschweiler : Switzerland has an incredible rich scene of progressive musicians and bands. The bands we booked are all excellent! One of my absolute favorites is "Cowboys from hell" The sax player has a sound like Jimi Hendrix.

UniMuta If my information is correct, Schangnau used to be the place where the "Out In The Kraut" festival took place years ago? Will Zapperlot be at the same location?

Anton Brüschweiler : Yes, you are absolutly right. It's the same place. I used to live there from 1995 until 1997 with my wife Arlette and my friend Dani Buri. After Arlette and me left the place, Dani started with the "Out in the Kraut" Festival. Since he is still living there, he is still the most important organizer in our festival-team.

UniMutaThe Zapperlot festival has a fine website () in German, French and English, with lots of info regarding camping, a children 's program and much more :http://zapperlot-festival.ch/de/index.php
Still, I can imagine that there are people that need some extra convincing to come to Zapperlot. What would you like to say to them?

Anton Brüschweiler : What makes this festival unique is the place with the incredible beauty of the nature. And the friendly family like organization of the best festival-team of all times.

UniMuta : Sounds like a festival to visit. Thank you, Anton. See you very soon.

The Zapperlot! festival will take place in Schangnau, Emmental, Switzerland on August 15, 16 & 17.

Program Zapperlot 2014

Friday 15.8.14 (from 18.00 h)
  • Moll und Fischer (CH)
  • BPP-Benoit Piccand Project (feat. Morgan Agren) (CH,S)
  • Mats/Morgan Band (S)
  • AKKU Quintet
  • Tarentatec plays aufrichtiges Zappa (D)
  • DJ Tide (D)
Saturday 16.8.14 (from 13.00 h)
  • Inventionis Mater (I)
  • Öz Ürügülü (CH)
  • Anton and the Headcleaners (CH)
  • Cathy van Eck (NL)
  • Mörglbl (F)
  • Bones and Battery (CH)
  • Fido plays Zappa (CH)
  • DJ Electric (CH)
Sunday 17.8.14 (from10.30 h)
  • Frauenjodlerchor Bumbach (CH)
  • Christy Doran's New Bag (CH)
  • Kamikaze CH)
  • Cowboys From Hell (CH)

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