Saturday, August 9, 2014


Is there a better way to compare the new iTunes releases with the original recordings?

from the Saturn newsgroup :

Sun Ra Arkive continues its review and mastering comparison of the new 2014 "Mastered for iTunes" releases via iTunes, with our next installment of 4 titles. Michael "The Good Doctor" Anderson (, Irwin Chusid (, and Sun Ra LLC utilized new hi-res transfers from the master tapes where available and, as you can hear, the results are a uniformly excellent improvement from previous releases of this music.

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Sun Ra Mastering comparison for Astro Black from Astro Black (19720507 RLC2 192 El Saturn Studios; Chicago, IL)
00:00:00 - 04:46:00 ABC/Impulse LP
04:46:00 - 10:54:00 Mastered for iTunes Remaster 2014

Sun Ra Mastering comparison for Black Man from Universe In Blue [19710800 RLC2 179 El Saturn Records ESR 200 Probably recorded at Slugs Saloon; New York, NY]
00:00:00 - 00:47:00 Original Saturn LP
00:47:00 - 01:21:40 Scorpio LP
01:21:40 - 02:24:50 Mastered for iTunes Remaster 2014

Sun Ra Mastering comparison for It's Limbo Time from Roz Croney "How Low Can You Go?" [19630100 RLC2 105 Mastertone Studios on 42nd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue; New York, NY]
00:00:00 - 01:00:60 Original Dauntless DS 6309 Stereo LP
01:00:60 - 02:01:60 iTunes Remaster from Original Dauntless LP 2014

Sun Ra Mastering comparison for Planet Earth from Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth [19561101-19580000 RLC2 38, 43, 33, 45 Chicago, IL]
00:00:00 - 01:11:60 Original Saturn LP
01:11:60 - 02:08:10 Evidence CD
02:08:10 - 03:36:60 Scorpio Reissue LP
03:36:60 - 04:57:20 Mastered for iTunes Remaster 2014

Christopher Eddy from Sun Ra Arkive

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