Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This year, the Zappanale expo was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the festival. Dieter, Burkhard and Robert had made an impressive book and were showing a lot of memorabilia, including some very impressive enlarged pictures.

The exposition room was also the space for some concerts.
You have to understand that the expo takes place at the Arf Office, in the centre of Bad Doberan, while the actual festival is held at the horse race track, some five kilometers out of town.
The expo concerts were scheduled around noon so that they wouldn't interfere with the festival.
Successfully, as the expo concerts were well attended.

Friday, July 18, Don Preston and Bunk Gardner performed as The Don And Bunk Show at the expo.
picture by Javier

They played four pieces.
  • Twenty Small Cigars (Frank Zappa)
  • Free Energy (Don Preston)
  • King Kong (Frank Zappa)
  • Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue (Frank Zappa)
Afterwards, they did a fine interview with Jim Cohen.
picture by Javier

I thought this was great. There were about thirty people in attendance and they all got a treated to two original Mothers Of Invention playing some fabulous tunes.

Two days later, July 20, The GrandMothers Of Invention performed at the main stage at the festival ground.


  • Don Preston : vocals, keyboards and brainwave enhancer
  • Bunk Gardner : sax and flute 
  • Eric Klerks : bass 
  • Christopher Garcia : drums and vocals 
  • Max Kutner : guitar 
  • special guest: John French

  • picture by Javier

    Yes, that's Eric Klerks, guitar player in The Magic Band, filling in on bass for Dave Parlato who had gotten ill and had to go to the hospital.


  • introduction by jim cohen 
  • Call Any Vegetable 
  • Absolutely Free 
  • Hey Joe 
  • Who Are The Brain Police 
  • Uncle Meat 
  • drum solo 
  • T'Mershi Duween 
  • Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder 
  • Debra Kadabra 
  • Mother People 
  • The Eternal Question 
  • Who Needs The Peace Corps? 
  • I'm The Slime 
  • The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley 
  • More Trouble Every Day 
  • The Duke Of Prunes  (with special guest John French)

  • Another fine performance of the Grandmothers. This was fun.

    Don Preston explaining his brain wave enhancer. Picture by Pittylabelle.

    Here's 'Who Are The Brain Police?' as captured by Clint:

    The Grandmothers concert got recorded on video by the Arf Crew and was made available on DVDR in very limited quantities at the festival.

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