Sunday, August 10, 2014


  • the residents: walk-in for shadowland - the highway
        (2014, cd, usa, the cryptic corporation)

"The Residents present A Charles Bobuck Contraption - The Highway".

6 tracks.
Walk-in music for the Shadowland concerts.
Percussive patterns and soundscapes.

The liner notes (translated from Spanish) say something like:
"The highway.
Many decades ago, I hitchhiked from my childhood home in Texas to my new home in San Francisco. The dramatic desert landscape fascinated me and I then decided that the trip would be a good source for a musical interpretation.
Unfortunately, the music that I wrote did not represent the journey so I abandoned the idea long ago.
This is not the music that I wrote at that time. But I find it convenient to pretend that it is."
-- Carlos Bobuck

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