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Aranis was one of the highlights of Zappanale #25.
It was about time that I updated their discography over at the United Mutations Archives.

The first album by Aranis is better known as "Aranis I". It presented 10 original compositions by Joris Vanvinckenroye and made clear what Aranis stands for : a contemporary, energetic mix of classical music, prog rock and jazz.
Private release, distributed by Lowlands.

Aranis' second album, aptly called "Aranis II", got released in 2007. It continues where "Aranis I" left off. Chamber rock at its best.
Two violins, an accordion, a piano, a guitar, a flute and a double bass.
Bart Maris guests on trumpet on one track !

Early 2007, Aranis won the Gouden Vleugels (Golden Wings) award.
This resulted in a 15-minute EP with flute player Toon Fret.
7 short pieces. Original material next to works by Bach, Jolivet, Tinctoris and Bartok.

"Songs From Mirage" is one of my personal favorites. The ensemble got expanded by three female vocalists, adding an extra layer of mysticism.
More traditional and classical sounding.
Great stuff.
The band's first release on the Homerecords label.

Album number four, "Roqueforte", has Aranis returning to their typical and recognizable sound.
The overall sound is more powerful due to the added drums and percussion.

The latest episode in the musical adventures of Aranis is entitled "Made In Belgium".
The album presents music that was written by various Belgian composers.
"Made In Belgium II" is in the works and should be out real soon.

  1. nonchalance  (jan kuijken)
  2. le feu  (wouter vandenabeele)
  3. inara  (ward de vleeschhouwer)
  4. gentlemen of leisure  (wim mertens)
  5. where is grommit  (arne van dongen)
  6. le mar t'eau  (geert waegeman)
  7. short story  (luc de gezelle)
  8. l1  (joris vanvinckenroye)
  9. salernes  (wim  mertens)
  10. bulgarian flying spirit dances 2  (daniel denis)
  11. viaggio fra due fini  (dick van der harst)
  12. ersatz  (roger trigaux)

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