Monday, July 21, 2014


Last Friday, Warren Cuccurullo did a Q & A session on Facebook.
Too late to participate, but you can still check out the page to read things like how he met Frank Zappa...

and for those who aren't on Facebook:
 i used to go to alot of shows on the east coast of the us...14 or more per tour... i got to know some of the crew members & evening after a felt forum show the soundman saw me outside & asked if i could watch his roadcase for a few minutes...i said no problem & he came back about 20 min. later saying thanks but you know how frank is, & i said, no i don't know how frank is...he was like 'you never met frank??" he said tomorrow after the first show he'd 'test the waters' & see if i could get a chance to meet my ultimate idol...the greatest modern day composer himself! this was a dream. couldn't be anything else...well; i guess the waters were calm & warm...ยต

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