Sunday, July 6, 2014


Next to the recent re-issue of "Whatever Happned To Vileness Fats / The Census Taker" and the reworked "Codgers On The Moon" (both out on MVD), The Residents released :

"The Highway"
Charles Bobuck Contraption releases the fifth Walk-in project on July 5th. This time it is the walk-in from the Shadowland tour.

  • the residents: the residents present a charles bobuck contraption - the highway
        (2014, cd, usa, rz)

Released yesterday and (still) available through the Ralph Outlet !!
I'm listening to the download that comes along with the CD at this very moment.
Atmospheric, hypnotizing,...

And there's more. September will see the release of "Marching To The See".
MVD will release a CD of music from the WONDER OF WEIRD tour recorded live in Amsterdam in September. This is identical to the 2/ CD fan set other than there are no talking bits, and not every song. Music only 1/CD album.

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